Mama God, Papa God

Mama God, Papa God
CDN$ 18.95
US$ 15.95
UK£ 9.95
Series: Fairy Tales & Myths
Illustrator: Stefan Czernecki
Length: 32 pages
Publication Year: September 1999
ISBN: 1896580165
Age Group: 4-7
Book Cover: Hardcover
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This creation tale from the Caribbean shows Mama God and Papa God creating a world filled with love and wonder. Richardo Keens-Douglas has dedicated this remarkable retelling of the oldest story in the world to a time of hope when people everywhere will be able to live together in peace and harmony.


Selected for the Canadian Children’s Book Centre Our Choice 2000*Finalist for the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Award for Illustration 2000


“This story is a discovery that everyone—child and adult—should make as soon as possible. It is one of those books that will never completely leave your mind. Take the message to heart and you just might become a better person.” The Science Fiction and Fantasy Review

“‘Mama God and Papa God lived in the empty darkness.’ So begins a creation tale notable for its vivid Haitian-style art (double-page spreads that dazzle), for a nicely cadenced text that begs to be read aloud and, not least, for its gender-equity approach to the nature of God.” Toronto Globe and Mail

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