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Series: Poetry
Length: 168 pages
Publication Year: 2010
ISBN: 1896580418
Age Group: 13 -16
Book Cover: Paperback
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Ash Perrault knows why she’s upset: her dad’s fianc√© is moving into their house, her best friend Mouse is hiding a secret from her, she has detention on the school dance committee, and her relationship with her boyfriend, Seth, is confusing. But Ash doesn’t know why the glass around her keeps breaking without her touching it. Her power to break glass is not only eerie, it’s dangerous. Can she find a way to control it?



“There is much to appreciate in this very timely treatment of a modern situation characterized by the remarriage of a single parent and the effects on the children involved. As well as presenting language with which young people can readily identify, (i.e. texting, e-mailing, on-line chatting), the story offers very genuine and engaging insight into the psyche of a teenage girl and her interpersonal relationships.”-¬†BCLTA


“Alyxandra Fitzhenry manages to combine aspects of many young, teenaged girls’ lives into a unique situation, lived by a unique character.” – Resource Links

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