The Lewton Experiment

The Lewton Experiment
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: October 12
About the Book

Seventeen year-old Sherri arrives in Lewton, Ontario, excited to start a summer job as a student reporter. Instead of the bustling tourist town she expected, she finds deserted streets, gripped by a dark secret. Are sinister forces at play? Determined to unravel the mystery, Sherri defies her editor, outwits a rival reporter, and even stumbles into a romance as she launches her own investigation.

About the Author
Rachel Sa

is a freelance writer and journalist. Her first book, What Rachel Sa: A Field Guide for Parents, a collection of her newspaper columns, was published in 2002. The Lewton Experiment is her first novel. Rachel lives in Toronto with her fiance and her fabulous kitty, Leia.