Siena Summer

Siena Summer
CDN$ 12.95
US$ 12.95
UK£ 6.95
Series: Young Adult
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: April 2009
ISBN: 9781896580173
Age Group: 12-15
Book Cover: Paperback
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Angela’s summer holiday with her aunt and uncle in Siena, Italy changes her life forever. First she manages to save the life of the jittery horse Tempesta. Next she falls head over heals for Tony, a local jockey. And finally, as a last minute replacement in the upcoming Palio, she has to ride Tempesta and race against Tony.



“Siena Summer would appeal to a variety of readers including horse lovers, adventure readers and realistic fiction fans. It would be a good addition to school, public and personal libraries.” CM Magazine

“Chandler’s writing is beautifully crafted, eliciting a wonderful sense of exhiliration and excitement from beginning to end.” Resource Links

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