What Happened This Summer

What Happened This Summer
CDN$ 12.95
US$ 10.95
UK£ 6.95
Series: Young Adult Novel
Length: 178 pages
Publication Year: September 2006
ISBN: 1896580882
Age Group: 14-17
Book Cover: Paperback
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This collection of short stories by Governor General’s Award winning author Paul Yee takes readers into the lives of Chinese teens in Canada, who must deal with their cultural backgrounds as well as battle parents over schooling, careers and peer relationships. Like all teens, they grapple daily with issues around sexuality, religion and fitting in.



“Yee’s teens are not only credible; they will stick with readers just as Salinger’s Glass family has.” KLIATT

“These intriguing, loosely linked short stories explore the lives of Chinese-Canadian teenagers as they navigate two worlds, struggling to meet their immigrant parents’ expectations and to also live their own lives.” – School Library Journal

“These stories will definitely serve the Asian- American (or Canadian) students in our high schools, and other students may come away with a better understanding of Asian-American students after reading this. Highly Recommended.” – Library Media Connection

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