Boonoonoonous Hair featured in Kirkus Reviews’  roundup of the best children’s books in Canada

“So there we have it: a sampling of some of the great books coming across our northern border.” This year, Tradewinds title Boonoonoonous Hair  is included in Kirkus Reviews’  annual roundup of the best recent children’s books in Canada: “From Tradewind Press: Boonoonoonous Hair, by Olive Senior and illustrated by Laura James. When little Jamilla expresses […]

Anna Carries Water reviewed in Bluebird

A recent review in Bluebird: A Journal of International Children’s Literature 2015, praises Olive Senior’s Anna Carries Water: Young Anna lives in the Jamaican countryside where families have to carry water from the springs daily. Anna is excited to accompany her brothers and sisters as they complete this task each day; however, unlike her siblings, […]

Nicola Campbell to take part in Hornby Festival, 7 August

Catch Tradewinds author Nicola Campbell at the Hornby Writers’ Festival on 7 August for a day of celebrating indigenous Canadian writers. Wednesday, August 7th Writers Festival Schedule 10:30 am – noon Children’s readings and song with Monique Gray Smith/Ecko Aleck and Nicola I. Campbell 1 -3 pm – writer’s workshop with our four authors– If you […]

Another excellent review for Boonoonoonous Hair!

Oliver Senior and Laura James’s new title Boonoonoonous Hair has received another excellent review, this time in Kirkus Review. The reviewer compliments the energy and rhythm of the text, as well as the bold, colorful illustrations: “…the energy between mother and child is infectious, and the rhythmic text is great fun to read. This girl’s road to […]

Boonoonoonous Hair! reviewed in Quill & Quire

Tradewinds title Boonoonoonous Hair has received a very favorable review in Quill & Quire. The review praises author Olive Senior’s playful use of language complemented by the energy and life of Laura James’s illustrations. “Jamaican-Canadian writer Olive Senior uses playful rhymes to speak directly to young readers who may struggle with standing out from other kids their […]

2019 Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Social Justice and Diversity Book Bank 

Twelve Tradewind titles made the 2019 list of Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Social Justice and Diversity Book Bank list this year. Thanks to all our authors who have written such powerful social justice and diverse  books! The books are: A Day with Yayah, Princess Dolls,  A Grain of Rice, The Bone Collector’s Son, The Flute, The Girl Who […]

Arushi Raina’s When Morning Comes reviewed by Karla J. Strand

Karla J. Strand highly recommends Arushi Raina’s book When Morning Comes for its vivid portrayal of the apartheid era in South Africa. She praises Raina’s descriptive writing and engaging narrative, the multidimensional characters she creates, and the book’s educational value that remains very relevant in today’s world. Read the review here.

Anna Carries Water lauded for depicting empowered girlhood

Tradewinds title Anna Carries Water was recently featured on The Commonwealth Education Trust’s blog as one of seven “Own Voices: Caribbean Picture Books depicting empowered girlhood. The article highlights the importance of children’s books that portray female characters of all races with agency and identity. These books offer all children much-need inspiration and the opportunity to […]

Author Nhung Tran-Davies featured in CBC News

Tradewinds author Nhung Tran-Davies speaks out about her family’s escape from war-torn Vietnam during the 1970s. This experience inspired her to write bestselling book A Grain of Rice, which centres around a 13-year-old girl as she faces war, famine and persecution — and her family’s decision to risk everything on a chance for a better life. Tran […]