Award-Winning Author Uma Krishnaswami Reviews “The Flute”

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Uma Krishnaswami, who has been writing children’s books for over 20 years, reviewed “The Flute” written by Rachna Gilmore, illustrated by Pulak Biswas on her blog.

Krishnaswami is well-known for her chapter book Book Uncle and Me which won the Scholastic Asian Book Award in 2011.

As an Indian writer, Krishnaswami felt connected to the picture book, saying that this was “a continuation of familiar rhythms, echoes of a lifetime spent crossing from India to North America and back again.”

She goes on to praise the intricate manner in which the illustrations and writing play off of each other.

The Flute is a picture book about an orphan who finds comfort in a magic flute left by her mother after her parents die in a flood.