Crocs in a Box review in the Canadian Review of Materials

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Tradewind’s Crocs in a Box set has received a very favourable review in the Canadian Review of Materials. The boxset consists of three previously published books written by Robert Heidbreder and illustrated by Rae Maté.

“In their original format, Crocodiles SayCrocodiles Play and Crocs at Work offered youngsters lots of verbal and visual fun, and, while the books’ size has been diminished, their appeal has not. In fact, the new format may be even more appealing as the book’s reduced dimensions make them more easily transportable. One or more could be easily slipped into a backpack/purse or left in a vehicle’s glove compartment for those moments that offer unexpected reading time. Crocs in a Box, the set, would make an excellent gift and at a cost much less than purchasing all of the original titles individually.”

Read the full review here.