Fairy Tale Feasts

Fairy Tale Feasts
CDN$ 29.95
US$ 29.95
UK£ 9.95
Authors: ,
Series: Fairy Tales & Myths
Illustrator: Philippe Béha
Length: 192 Pages
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: August 2006
ISBN: 189658084x
Age Group: 8-13
Book Cover: Hardcover
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Fairy Tale Feasts is a collection of stories, recipes, fun facts and anecdotes. Jane Yolen and her daughter Heidi Stemple imagine their readers as co-conspirators, cooks and tellers of tales themselves. This book is designed to encourage future cooks and storytellers to explore the world of fairy tales in a new way.


Recipient of the White Raven: Special Mention (Selected by the International Youth Library) 2007


“A winter warmer for the soul and stomach, with cosy retellings of tales from Brer Rabbit to Cinderella, each with a thematic recipe inviting participation by young sous-chefs! ” The London Times

“For a really nice idea wonderfully fulfilled, Yolen retells very familiar tales in versions lively, brief and energetic.” Kirkus Reviews

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