Boonoonoonous Hair featured in Kirkus Reviews’  roundup of the best children’s books in Canada

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So there we have it: a sampling of some of the great books coming across our northern border.

This year, Tradewinds title Boonoonoonous Hair  is included in Kirkus Reviews’  annual roundup of the best recent children’s books in Canada:

“From Tradewind Press: Boonoonoonous Hair, by Olive Senior and illustrated by Laura James. When little Jamilla expresses her discontent with her puffy hair, her mother uses Jamaican patois and the promise of a new style every day to help Jamilla to see its fantabulousness. The affection between mother and daughter combines with a begs-to-be-read-aloud text to make Jamilla’s “road to self-acceptance…playful, easy, and filled with love.”

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