Kirkus Reviews “A Day with Yayah”

Kirkus recently reviewed Nicola Campbell and Julie Flett’s A Day with Yayah. The review especially praises Flett’s illustrations, and how “the flowers pop against the dark green grass, [symbolizing] the relative smallness of the human figures in the landscape emphasizing their relationship with nature.” It continues to say that “with modern children learning an elder’s wisdom, […]

Quill and Quire Reviews “A Day with Yayah”

Quill and Quire reviewed “A Day with Yayah”, written by Nicola Campbell and illustrated by Julie Flett. The review praised the book’s “rich themes of resilience and resurgence” along with “how the story portrays “the distinct and unbreakable resiliency of Indigeous people”. Read the Quill and Quire’s review.

Montreal Gazette Reviews “A Day with Yayah”

A Day with Yayah was reviewed by the Montreal Gazette on January 27, 2018. Bernie Goedhart said the book is not only an “informative picture book” but it is also aimed to “restore…the language that colonization and residential school policies stole”. Click here for the link to the review: Montreal Gazette

The Globe and Mail Reviews “A Day with Yayah”

The Globe and Mail recently reviewed Nicola Campbell and Julie Flett’s new book called “A Day with Yayah” Anna Fitzpatrick praised the Campbell’s ability to write a story about the importance of “[preserving] Indigenous languages with a new generation” whilst still weaving a touching tale about the relationship between Yayah and her granddaughter. Read the […]