Floyd the Flamingo and his Flock of Friends

Floyd the Flamingo and his Flock of Friends

Series: Poetry
Genre: Kathryn E. Shoemaker
Tag: All books
Publisher: Jump at the Sun,US
Publication Year: December 2005
Illustrator: Kathryn E. Shoemaker
ASIN: 1896580580
ISBN: 9781896580586
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About the Book

Sneezing birds, complaining flamingos, warrior Vikings and radioactive cats! All these entertaining characters and a host of child-friendly themes are found in the pages of Floyd the Flamingo and His Flock of Friends, a lively, appealing book of poetry that should find its way onto the bookshelf of every family. Catchy rhymes and clever wordplay make this an engaging, amusing read under a quilt, in the bath or under a tree.

Praise for Floyd the Flamingo and his flock of friends:

“Like Dennis Lee’s first book, Floyd the Flamingo might prove to be Tiffany Stone’s calling card into Canadian children’s lit.” — Montreal Gazette


Finalist for the Chocolate Lily Award 2006

About the Illustrator:

Kathryn E. Shoemaker has illustrated many books for young people. She teaches illustration at Langara College and lives in Vancouver, BC.

About the Author
Tiffany Stone


Tiffany Stone wonders why nothing rhymes with orange. She is the author of Floyd the Flamingo and his flock of friends and Baad Animals, published by Tradewind Books.

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