The Bug House Family Restaurant

The Bug House Family Restaurant
CDN$ 12.95
US$ 12.95
UK£ 6.95
Series: Poetry
Illustrator: Marc Mongeau
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: February 2014
ISBN: 9781926890012
Age Group: 8-10
Book Cover: Paperback


The Bug House Family Restaurant serves up a delightful platter of poems featuring all kinds of creepy crawlers prepared by the most imaginative chefs. Try our beetle burgers, ladybug soup and order a Centipede-Ade to wash it down. How about our termite pie for dessert?

Bug House Teachers’ GuidePDF


Bev Brenna has been shortlisted for the 2013 Governor General’s Award, earned a Printz Honor Book Award and a Dolly Gray Award, and achieved numerous other accolades including appearing on CBC’s list of 100 Young Adult Books That Make You Proud to be Canadian. For more information about her writing, please see


“Mannered ink-and-wash drawings of bug cuisine and the stylish diners who consume it accompany rhymed introductions to both. … Tasty and, as bugs show signs of becoming even more common menu items in the near future, timely too.”

Kirkus Reviews, January 2014


“The simple black and white illustrations enrich the essence of each poem through comical images. … The author writes about insects and bugs that any young child would be familiar with- mosquitoes, spiders and lady bugs, but bug species that may be new to them, such as gnats, are also included. Words like ‘caterwaul’ and ‘entomology’ help to build vocabulary and engage with the poems on a deeper level.”

CM Magazine, January 2014


“Saskatoon teacher and author Beverley Brenna has written a hilarious book of poetry, reminiscent of Alligator Pie, in The Bug House Family Restaurant.”

Winnipeg Free Press, December 2013

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