Maison Rouge: Memories of a Childhood in War Reviewed by Quill & Quire

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In this gut-wrenching memoir, author Liliane Leila Juma gives an account of her life before and after her family was torn apart by the twin nightmares of civil war and invasion in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It then follows Juma on her immigration to Canada, contrasting “her vibrant pre-war life in the Congo to the alienated life she lives in Canada.”

Maison Rouge is a story of war, and unspeakable loss. It is also the story of survival. As writer Sarah Raughley notes in their recent review for the Quill & Quire, “Leolina’s book shows the agency of young African refugees, often seen solely as voiceless victims. In writing Maison Rouge, Juma uses her voice to navigate conflict and convey hope to others still struggling, while also educating those lucky enough to not have to face the same kind of turmoil.”

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