Series: Chapter Books
Genre: Cynthia Nugent
Tag: New Releases
Publisher: Tradwind Books
Publication Year: August 2019
Length: 258 Pages
ISBN: 978189650661
About the Book

Katherine Wisteria Warble (otherwise known as Kiddo) knows her family depends on her for information. Kiddo devours the Town Crier Newspaper for the news, contests, community events, Caring Carol’s advice column and the annoying opinions of the Junior Journalist. When she grows up she is going to be the publisher, but first she needs to wrest the title of Junior Journalist away from the irritating Jeremy (“Germ”) Marroon.

Can Kiddo get enough community points, improve her spelling, and stay out of trouble long enough to become the next Junior Journalist? Definitely! But first she has to find a boyfriend for her sister Pat, fix a little misunderstanding that lands her in jail, nab the real thief, and help Ma win a talent contest.

About the Author
Cynthia Nugent

is the award-winning illustrator of the Mister Got to Go trilogy and Honey Cake, and the author of Francesca and the Magic Bike and Fred and Pete at the Beach. She also makes book trailers and apps and has animated several Tradewind titles.