Five-star review for Peggy’s Impossible Tale

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Peggy’s Impossible Tale, written by Slavia Miki & Roy Miki and illustrated by Mariko Ando, has received a five-star review in the Canadian Review of Materials.

Peggy’s Impossible Tale is ideal for young readers just starting to read chapter books. It is told in the first person from Peggy’s point of view which gives readers insight into what she is experiencing. Most chapters are one page long with short paragraphs, and each chapter includes an interesting graphic element to help illustrate the storyline. Peggy’s Impossible Tale would also be a good choice for a read-aloud. There are several compelling topics explored in this novel: pet care, friendship, new environments, discovery, adaptation, determination, fears, and challenges. Young readers (and the adults who read with them) will definitely enjoy this joyful look at the life of the determined young guinea pig named Peggy!

Highly Recommended.”

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