Five-star review for Peggy’s Impossible Tale

Peggy’s Impossible Tale, written by Slavia Miki & Roy Miki and illustrated by Mariko Ando, has received a five-star review in the Canadian Review of Materials. “Peggy’s Impossible Tale is ideal for young readers just starting to read chapter books. It is told in the first person from Peggy’s point of view which gives readers […]

The Mysterious Stones reviewed in Quill and Quire

The Mysterious Stones, written by Enrique Pérez Díaz, translated by Alina Ruiz, and illustrated by Yayo, has received a glowing review in Quill and Quire. “While Cuba is evoked plentifully in The Mysterious Stones, the book has universal appeal. Perhaps most strikingly it offers readers the suggestion of finding magic, beauty, and hope in ordinary […]

Maison Rouge: Memories of a Childhood in War reviewed in The Ormsby Review

Maison Rouge by author Liliane Leila Juma has received a wonderful review in The Ormsby Review. “Juma’s book ought to be required reading for . . . secondary school students. They would find its brevity and clarity “user friendly.” Their teachers would need to guide them though it well to derive all the benefits it has to offer. […]

The Princess Dolls reviewed in ‘The Ormsby Review’

The Princess Dolls by Ellen Schwartz, with illustrations by Mariko Ando, has received a very favourable review in ‘The Ormsby Review’. “Through school curriculum, the internment story will become familiar to children in Canada — how 22,000 people of Japanese ancestry living in coastal BC, three-quarters of whom were born in Canada, were stripped of […]

Kiddo reviewed in ‘Quill and ‘Quire’

Kiddo by Tradewinds author Cynthia Nugent has received a very favourable review in ‘Quill and Quire’ magazine. “Kiddo’s adventures spin out over 15 highly amusing chapters that are equally strong as short stories. Nugent (Mister Got to Go) adds great little illustrations, which are sprinkled throughout the book, including of a bingo cage, tiddlywinks, and Kiddo’s Junior […]

Boonoonoonous Hair featured in Kirkus Reviews’  roundup of the best children’s books in Canada

“So there we have it: a sampling of some of the great books coming across our northern border.” This year, Tradewinds title Boonoonoonous Hair  is included in Kirkus Reviews’  annual roundup of the best recent children’s books in Canada: “From Tradewind Press: Boonoonoonous Hair, by Olive Senior and illustrated by Laura James. When little Jamilla expresses […]

A Grain of Rice reviewed by CBC

CBC News Alberta shared Nhung N. Tran Davies’s story of fleeing Vietnam, which also inspired her new book A Grain of Rice. “Nhung Tran-Davies remembers her mother giving food away to hungry neighbours when her own family members — then living in a war-torn, flood-ravaged village in rural Vietnam — were themselves starving. … Those powerful […]

Kirkus Reviews “A Day with Yayah”

Kirkus recently reviewed Nicola Campbell and Julie Flett’s A Day with Yayah. The review especially praises Flett’s illustrations, and how “the flowers pop against the dark green grass, [symbolizing] the relative smallness of the human figures in the landscape emphasizing their relationship with nature.” It continues to say that “with modern children learning an elder’s wisdom, […]

Quill and Quire Reviews “A Day with Yayah”

Quill and Quire reviewed “A Day with Yayah”, written by Nicola Campbell and illustrated by Julie Flett. The review praised the book’s “rich themes of resilience and resurgence” along with “how the story portrays “the distinct and unbreakable resiliency of Indigeous people”. Read the Quill and Quire’s review.