Viva Zapata

Viva Zapata

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Series: Picture Books
Genre: Stefan Czernecki
Tag: All books
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: October 2009
Illustrator: Stefan Czernecki
ASIN: 1896580556
ISBN: 9781896580555
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About the Book

This humorous story is about an incident childhood of the Mexican revolutionary hero, Emiliano Zapata. After Emiliano’s pony is stolen, he manages to track down the bandits and recover his horse. Along the way, he learns about the difficult lives of the people of Mexico.

Praise for Viva Zapata:

“Provokes laughter, deep thought and sighs of contentment.” — CM Magazine

“A charming, humorous tale with striking black and white illustrations.” — The Globe and Mail


Finalist for the Chocolate Lily Award 2011

Resource Links – Best of 2009

About the Author:

Emilie Smith was born in Argentina and lives in Vancouver, BC.

About the Illustrators:

Stefan Czernecki has published many for children. He lives in Vancouver, BC.



About the Author
Margarita Kenefic Tejada

is a playwright living in Guatemala.

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