CDN$ 12.95
US$ 12.95
UK£ 7.95
Series: Picture Books
Illustrator: Christina Leist
Length: 150 pages
Publication Year: March 2012
ISBN: 9781896580876
Age Group: 8-11
Book Cover: Paperback


Narrated by a fat half-Persian half-alley cat called Amos, this very funny chapter book will delight young readers. When and injured baby squirrel moves into Amos’ already crowded household, everything turns topsy-turvy. Ten year old Tyler wants to keep the squirrel, but Amos knows wild things will wreak havoc on his already stressed-out family. This charming novel is populated with an eccentric cast of colourful characters.


Nominated for the Red Cedar Book Award 2013


“Amusing, quirky pen-and-ink illustrations offer a catís-eye view of Amosí life as he gradually develops a more empathetic understanding of the challenges the orphaned, disabled squirrel faces. A sometimes-funny animal tale with an appropriately feel-good ending, sure to please feline fanciers.”



“Children who like animal stories will likely find this a pleasurable read.”

-†CM Magazine


“Hilarious, and touching, too…If you like pets (cats especially) and humourous stories, this book is for you. Enjoy!”

BCSD Library Blog

“Humor-filled chapters…will make this a popular read-aloud. Leist’s numerous black-line cartoons
break up the text for younger readers.”

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