The King Has Goat Ears

The King Has Goat Ears

Series: Picture Books
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: September 2008
Illustrator: Philippe Béha
ASIN: 189658022X
ISBN: 9781896580227

Rights sold to China. 

French language rights sold to Quebec.

About the Book

In this retelling of a Balkan tale, each barber who cuts the king’s hair ends up being kept prisoner in his palace. One day, a young apprentice named Miro bravely accepts the challenge to cut the king’s hair. When he discovers the king’s dangerous secret, Miro is careful not to tell anyone. But secrets have a way of being found out…

About the Author
Katarina Jovanovic

is a writer, teacher, journalist and award-winning poet originally from Belgrade. She worked for many years in children's broadcasting and now lives in Vancouver, BC.

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