The Golden Touch

The Golden Touch

Series: Picture Books
Publication Year: November 2015
Length: 64 Pages
Illustrator: Philippe Béha
ISBN: 9781896580739

French language rights sold to Quebec.

About the Book

In The Golden Touch, the team that created the children’s operetta and picture book Time for Flowers and Time for Snow tackles the myth of King Midas—again with songs and laughs and
touching drama. Monty Python’s Terry Jones reads award-winning writer Glen Huser’s retelling of the classic tale of the foolish king whose lust for gold nearly costs him his family and his life.

About the Author
Glen Huser

has written many highly praised novels for young readers. He has won a number of awards such as the Mr. Christie Award, the Governor General`s Award, and the R. Ross Annett Award. A teacher-librarian for most of his life, he lives in Vancouver where he continues to write, pursue his artwork and coach students working on their own books for young people.